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Click, Click, Treat – The Pet Posse Pet Photography Ebook

Click, Click, Treat is basically all of the information that Carol, Kelly and I wished we had - or knew - when we first started out in Pet Photography. We've taken the questions that we get asked via email and our Facebook pages and combined it with some of the notes...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 4 – The Zone System

For 2016, the Pet Photography Project 52 are working through David Duchemin’s book ‘The Visual Toolbox’. Our lesson, and theme for this week is ‘Exposure: The Zone System’. Ansel Adams is known for many things, one of his most important contributions was an exposure...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 1 – New

My 2016 kicked off wonderfully, wonderfully wriggly and fluffy and super super cute. Me and my [Pet] Posse Kelly Wolfe and Carol Howell went down to Haulton Border Collies in Cambridge to photograph their latest litter. These little pups are only 5 weeks old.  I think...

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Best of 2015

2015 was, for the most part, very very good to me.  There were a few lows that knocked me around however I'm filled with hilarious memories of our pup Dj Mako and have a greater appreciation of why photographs can be so important especially when a pet passes on.  I...

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A Howling Good Day at Metro Paws

Halloween was celebrated at Metro Paws Doggy Day Care on Friday with a party and dress ups for the dogs. I was there to meet them as they came in the door - all dressed up and trying to eat most of what they were wearing! You walked in the door to a super spooky...

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Want to see Rocco the Labradoodle fly?

I keep up with Rocco and his adventures on his Mom's Instagram feed - and I've been absolutely dying to meet him for ages! One Friday afternoon we met up in Auckland and I got to hang out with this delicious guy and watch his total joy for ball games.  Just wait till...

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In My Bag: The Power of Calming WashBar Lavender

A wee while ago I posted about "What's in my Camera Bag" - and you got to see what equipment I pack when I am heading out on a Pet Photography shoot.  But guess what?  There is actually MORE! I was packing my camera bag on Tuesday for the Husky shoot ... OMG! The...

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Nixie Likes: Honest Pet Products Eco Quacker

If you ain't tough, you ain't going to make it as a member of Nixie's toy box. But every now and again Nixie Lix and I come across a product that makes me go Wow and her go Woof! On the weekend I popped in to Munky's Corner, a new pet store that has recently opened in...

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How To: Taking Photographs of Your Alpaca

The following article appears in the August 2015 Alpaca Association of New Zealand official magazine. Alpaca are beautiful and intelligent creatures and they take a gorgeous photograph. Combine that with some of New Zealand’s sublime scenery and you have a recipe for...

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