What To Wear

For the best photographs, take a few moments to plan what you are going to wear.

  • Solid, vibrant, and middle tone colors.  These keep your outfit simple and ensure it’s not the first thing we notice – so no large stripes, patterns or logos.
  • Flatter your shape.  Wear something that fits you beautifully.
  • Relaxed and natural.  Your clothing, hair, and makeup should be somewhat natural and have your hair frame your features.
  • Coordinate.  Plan your colour palette and the vibe you are going for.  We will have planned our location and time of day so you can bear this in mind too.  If we are doing a group shot, make sure you view the outfits together beforehand.
  • Wear what you are comfortable in.  You want your photographs to look like you so bear these guidelines in mind but ultimately, be you.
  • Dark long sleeves produce the best dramatic headshot.
  • If you have blue eyes a blue shirt will bring out the color of your eyes, green eyes a green shirt, etc.
  • For family photographs, pay attention to your shoes!

A neat tip – Pinterest is full of ideas and colour charts for simple complimentary outfits.

Corporate and Business Headshots


  • Bring solid color middle tone or dark pantsuit/skirt and a few long sleeve shirts (light color) that work under the jacket, all freshly pressed.
  • If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct.
  • Remove any unwanted facial hair.
  • If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended.
  • Make-up and hair stylist recommendations are available.


  • Bring a few dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow etc.) and a few ties, all freshly pressed.
  • Shave right before our appointment, unless you are going for a scruffy look. Bring a razor and shaving cream in case you decide to go for the clean shaven look during the shoot.
  • in which case you should bring your own razor and shaving cream to shave part of the way through the session.
  • If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct.
  • Earrings and uni-brows are not recommended.

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