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Hallo! I’m Tara, that’s me above with the teal hair and to the left with slightly pink hair.
I often do weird things with my hair but it is sometimes in the name of charity or, because I am still looking for the next place to put one of my tattoos. You can find my animals on my arm, references to my family on the other, little messages to myself about life on my legs, and something that I just thought was really pretty on my shoulder. I live in Hamilton, New Zealand with my boyfriend Ken and our collection.
Our collection consists of his two kids Dell and Mika, Nixie Lix (2 year old American Bulldog/Greyhound X), long suffering fatty cat Napoleon James Dynamite and the memories of our gone too soon pup Django Lix (10 month old, questionable origins) – you’ll see photographs appearing regularly of all our family members, they are very used to my camera!

I specialise in Pet Photography, Underwater Photography and editorial imagery.
My photographs have a pretty distinct style – I like lashings of colour, loads of definition and very very cool lighting. Visually intense stuff is how one of my friends refers to my work.

Where possible, I much prefer to shoot outdoors using natural light and to make the most of New Zealand’s sublime scenery. When I can’t get outside, I have a small studio at home where I like to create dramatically lit fine art portraits.
A portion of my session fee and of all print orders goes to supporting my favourite animal rescues – Chained Dog Awareness in New Zealand and DC Rescue Dogs

I’m also one third of The Pet Posse – we offer the best Pet Photography Workshops in New Zealand. We specialise in on-location workshops for all levels of photographers.

I’ve won an award – a Bronze Award at the 2015 New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers IRIS Awards. I’ve been published – my editorial work has appeared online and in print, most recently in the New Zealand Geographic book Southern Exposure. My photographs are also often used by WashBar as part of their branding and I am very proud of our partnership. I have been part of a fundraising campaign for Hamilton Zoo and many of my underwater photographs have been used by websites such as Global Dive, Book Your Dive and Scubadvisor.

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