As part of this years PawTraits Project, I traveled to Wellington. And because I was traveling to the bottom of the North Island, I knew I had some time to do a couple of other sessions. These sessions also financially support the PawTraits Project and that is a huge help. I was beyond stoked to have one of these snapped up by Erin, who has been a long time supporter – of both me and the rescues that I work with.

We went out to Erin’s near Makara Beach. In her pre-Session Consultation, Erin wrote that Radar, her Brussels Griffon, was an older dog and wasn’t really interested in charging around. Combine that with the lovely spring forecast and I decided that the best location was the one that both Radar and Coco were familiar with. And we weren’t disappointed!  

Sessions at home are easy for everyone. Your pets feel comfortable, we can start slow and they are in an environment where it is much easier to get used to me and my gear. And as an owner, I ask you to ignore me completely and just do what you normally do.

This weekend I took my wonderful friend, and fellow Pet Photographer, Carol Howell along with me. Radar and Coco responded so well to Carol – and to the chicken treats that Erin had prepared. And Erin’s deck garden was starting to bloom with lots of spring colour.

And then Erin told me that behind the back of the house there were paddocks with some flowering broom – and some concrete pipes. “Ohhh! Can we go, can we go?” I asked … that SCENERY sounded so different – and pretty!

Erin wrote:

My dogs are my absolute best friends, I cannot say enough how much joy they bring to my life every day.

I hope that we were able to document some of this joy for her and create some beautiful memories that she will be able to hold on to.

To see more of Radar & Coco’s session, take a look at the video below.



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