Su-Renn is a huge supporter of one of my favourite animal rescues, Chained Dog Awareness.  
I regularly donate a voucher for them to use as they need to and I love meeting the people behind the team that do so much for the dogs and so Su-Renn picked one up in the Auctions Group that is up on Facebook.  Follow this link to join that group: Chained Dog Awareness Auctions

As I was heading up to Auckland, the weather gave us the perfect opportunity to meet in Cornwall Park.  Muffin is a melter, she’s a snuggler and a cuddler and she just has the most beautiful face.  The best part of my job is meeting animals like Muffin who are adopted into families and end up completing them.

In Su-Renn’s words …”we applied to adopt her because the staff member said this dog needs a lot of cuddles, and I mean A LOT. Like, do you have a job? You’ll need to quit it because cuddling her will be a full-time job. LOL!!!”



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