Our brief for this week is to shoot color as you see it or as you interpret it, a sunrise, a sunset, your pets eyes.

As the Northern Hemisphere thaws out and has grass and flowers popping through, down here in the Southern Hemisphere, our leaves are changing and everything is becoming beautiful gold and rose colours.  Autumn has to be my favourite season when it comes to scenery!

This week myself, and the other two members of The Pet Posse were interviewed for a local TV station to talk about our upcoming workshop.  We chose one of the largest dog parks in Hamilton for our location.  Well I kind of insisted.  I drive past it every day, and there is this tree.

tarasutherland-5748-DaysParkPanoYou can see the tree I am talking about!
And can we all just take 5 seconds to quickly appreciate the amazing new features in the Lightroom CC 2015 release (or Lightroom 6) – wowsers!!  The above image is a really quick 9 photo panorama of our beautiful Days Park.


So anyhow, I arrived early at the park fully intending to go and check out the trees in the park.  And then Carol turned up and saw the leaves and we immediately starting looking for the dog.  The dog to put in the leaves.

Say hallo to Storm!
We asked Storm’s parents very nicely and they were more than happy for us to use her.  She is a therapy dog – walking with both kids and disabled people.  She has a beautiful nature and is as soft and gentle as her face and eyes suggest.  I’m in love with her!  I passed on my card and am hoping I will hear back from her parents as I’d love to give them these photographs and use her as a model for one of our workshops.

tarasutherland-dayspark-storm-5697tarasutherland-dayspark-storm-5718What do you think?  Storm is total model material isn’t she??  Fingers crossed that we can use her in our workshops and that I can pop her on my Model Database.

I cannot wait to see what the colours are like around the rest of the world!

Project 52 is a weekly circle project so from here, use the following link to hop over and visit Blue Amrich Pet Photography in Southeastern Massachusetts to see what they have created, and then keep visiting the other blogs until you end up back here.

Happy Friday y’all X



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