When I started out, I made sure that donating Pet Photography Sessions was a serious part of my business plan. It gives me great pleasure to see the families of older or ill pets viewing the photographs that we made especially for them and for the time when their treasured animals are no longer with them.

And then I got you guys involved too. We raised money for Milly and Michelle. We created the 2014 Paw-Traits project and met Maddy, Floyd and Ceres. When Maddy finally said enough with her not quite right heart and went off and joined Milly and Floyd last week, I decided we would definitely do it again. Saying goodbye to other peoples pets is hard for me, I can’t even imagine how hard it is for them.

Paw-Traits for All 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Paw-Traits project.

Please nominate a friend, a family, yourself – or anyone else that you know with a pet that is older, ill or has done something amazing for the community. Heck, nominate them for just being awesome!
I will travel to meet them, create a custom Pet Photography Session for them and then provide them with beautifully edited digital photographs in their own online gallery and a stunning wrapped canvas.
The nomination form appears at the bottom of this post.

To ensure that I can get to everyone as soon as possible, I am crowdfunding this project again this year.
I’m looking for you to help me out in the smallest way (just a little more than a cup of coffee). Let’s give them something to remember that seat stealer, bacon beggar, bundle of absolute ratbag that gives them unconditional love.

Thank you all for being a part of this project again!

Please have a look at my Giving Back page for more information on how I want to help.



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