As Pet Photographers, we see all sides of life with our companion animals.
We see rescued animals taken into wonderful homes where they are elevated to true family members immediately, we see animals found in gutters and bags bought into groups who exist to care, foster and hopefully rehome, we see beautifully bred show dogs who run their households and are loved immensely and we see puppies. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of puppies.


Kiya was one of those puppies.  Kelly Wolfe and I photographed her just a few weeks ago for her adoption album.
This is her story, this is her rescuers story.

In a world where dogs are bred daily for profit, without any regard to their welfare at all, rescue organisations such as DC Rescue Dogs. and Chained Dog Awareness in New Zealand exist. We pick up the pieces of the over population of companion animals.

The sad reality is there are simply not enough homes for the hundreds being born daily in NZ. It is the dogs that pay the ultimate price for peoples greed and ignorance.

To those that are back yard breeding – if only you could walk a day in our shoes, if only you could see the sad faces we see everyday. If only you had a heart and realised YOU are the PROBLEM.

We made this video about Kiya, a gorgeous girl who touched the hearts of many. Her story needs to be told. She is the result of backyard breeding at its finest. Discarded like rubbish she was lucky to find us. But what of the ones that aren’t as lucky as her…. they continue to suffer day in day out. Its just not fair and we want to help those with no voice. Join us with our Desex A Dog initiative. Together we can save lives and prevent dogs from suffering.
Kiya’s story was photographed and put together by Tara Sutherland and Kelly Wolfe Photography.

Support us if you can in our efforts to help more dogs like Kiya:
DeSex a Dog | Chained Dog Awareness | DC Rescue Dogs



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