A wee while ago I posted about “What’s in my Camera Bag” – and you got to see what equipment I pack when I am heading out on a Pet Photography shoot.  But guess what?  There is actually MORE!

I was packing my camera bag on Tuesday for the Husky shoot … OMG! The Huskies!! Have you seen the sneak peek on my Facebook page?? … and I was checking off my list.  My list has three sections, Camera Equipment, Lighting and Not Camera Equipment.  In that last section there are things like poop bags and treats and baby wipes for eye goobers and squeakers and then there is WashBar Lavender and Primrose Daily Spritzer.

tarasutherland-washbar-lavenderandprimrose-9263Just like the treats that I choose to use, WashBar choose only natural products for their range of shampoos, soaps and their spritzers.  The Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis) helps nourish dogs coats and even keep them shiny between baths but its the spray free Lavender Pure Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia Pacific Blue) that truly sells it for me.

Not only do I think the the lavender smells heavenly, it keeps Miss Nixie Lix smelling delicious between washes and I can give her beds a quick freshen too.  I have to be honest though, she does not like being sprayed so I need to be a little sneaky – and have lots of treats to say I’m sorry!

But the number one reason that the Lavender and Primrose spritz is high on my equipment list is the wonderful calming effects that the Lavender provides.  Stressed animals are no fun – its not cool for the animals and we get upset too – so before I head off to a session I spray myself, and my camera bag, liberally.

I’ll be using the spritz on Guy Fawkes night as well.  Guy Fawkes has to be the night that Nix hates the most in the world, and for a few nights afterwards.  After seeing how the lavender – combined with some yummy treats, lots of games and a few cuddles – works during my Photo Sessions, I have no doubt it has wonderful natural powers.



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