2015 was, for the most part, very very good to me.  There were a few lows that knocked me around however I’m filled with hilarious memories of our pup Dj Mako and have a greater appreciation of why photographs can be so important especially when a pet passes on.  I entered the NZIPP IRIS Print Awards and did better than ±I ever expected and I am very pleased with the progression of my work  Most of all, I am very grateful to the amazing clients that I met and those I kept in touch with.

This years Lightroom Library summary = I took (or rather kept) 13409 personal photographs and 7434 client images and these images that follow are the ones that I have chosen as my Best 10, or Most Favorite 10, of 2015.


Edelweiss – keeper of his castle and one of my all time favourite models.


Always a space for Nixie Lix.  The B&W that kicked off my sessions project and my first entry into the IRIS Print Awards.


Young Zephyr, just 10 days old.


Tiki Taane and Hailie – the first of the models we shot for the Chained Dog Awareness Hunks and Hounds Calendar.  An amazing project I was so so pleased to be involved with.


Spud – my second entry for IRIS. What a great little model this guy was.


Billie and her Josh were one of the donated Pawtraits sessions I did this year. Its Josh that was ill however a cruel twist saw Billie pass away just a week or two after this photograph was taken. Unfair World, totally unfair!


When you spend any amount of time with Rocco, its impossible not to have fun and laugh a lot. After chasing the ball around the field, Leigh showed me his jumping moves. Absolute gold!!


My beautiful friend Kelly and her gorgeous horse Opie. Opie wasn’t very well when we made these photographs so it was a super special session. He was such a big love – more than happy for us to push him around a bit and I was truly honoured to be able to capture a little of their bond.


McKinley and Early waited all winter for their session and once we got to our chosen location, they hammed it up and had a great time. I was rewarded with amazing poses and a lot of laughs!


If I had to pick, I think this would be my number one photograph of 2015. Louis and Jo also waited nearly all winter and so I went to their session with a special photograph in mind. Thanks to my friend Carol and her Photoshop encouragement, it became even better than my idea.



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