Josh was nominated by his sister Toni for the 2015 PawTraits Pet Photography Session project.  Her nomination read:

I want to nominate my brother, not because his dog is old or sick but he is. He actually has a terminal disease so this would be so nice for him to have some nice pics with his dog Billie who is a golden retriever. He loves his girl and we of course will continue to look after Billie. Thanks for your consideration 🙂

I popped up to the beach to meet Josh and Billie on a beautiful day.  It was so sad to hear that only a few weeks later, it wasn’t Josh who passed but Billie and quite suddenly.  My love goes out to Josh and Toni and their family.  As Toni said – it was so so fortunate that the PawTraits project team gave us this opportunity to make these photographs when we did. X




pawtraits-tarasutherland-billie3722 pawtraits-tarasutherland-billie3632





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