One of the best things about Pet Photography Sessions is not the photographs – well not JUST the photographs – but it is the stories.  Floyd and his family – Fi, Phil and the gorgeous Plum – were nominated for their session by their wonderful friend Jess and in her nomination Jess mentioned the impact that Floyd (and his sister Plum) has on others;

Both dogs are Outreach Therapy dogs and give so much back to the community. They visit lots of people but spend most of their time at schools where children who struggle with reading or the confidence to read to adults can sit and read to these amazing dogs.

Some people would never imagine that a big dog would be the type of dog that would perform this role.  I couldn’t go past Jess’ nomination, I just had to meet Floyd.

C0009-FionaandFloyd-7914.jpgAs she can see from Plum’s face, she is quite priceless – but looking in to Floyd eyes, I saw such a gentle soul.C0009-FionaandFloyd-7950.jpg


We then decided that a park session was in order so we packed the dogs in the wagon and headed over to the Seaside Park.

Whilst I was concentrating on Floyd (for the photograph following) Plum decided she wanted to head over and check me and my equipment out. I was lying on the ground and this seems like an open invitation for ear licks – on their behalf, not mine!


Super Hero Floyd

C0009-FionaandFloyd-8194.jpgYou would never imagine that stupid cancer had taken one of Floyd’s legs only a few weeks before. Watching him run was just magic! Dobermans are described as majestic and powerful and Floyd embodied this – with a gentle and loving nature. Unfortunately their story does not have the happiest of endings as the cancer that was invading Floyd’s body took him over the Rainbow Bridge only a few weeks after our session.

I’m posting this today as I visited with Fi, Phil and Plum again yesterday. We took Nixie Lix with us all well and her and Plum raced around the park whilst we caught up.
I feel quite privileged to have met this family and been able to give them something to remember their amazing Super Hero Floyd by.



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