It’s been a really long time since I got my act together and participated in the Pet Photography Project 52 Blog Circle but when I piped up and said I would love to get started again in 2018, they greeted me so warmly I thought, just start now. 

This weeks topic is Relaxing.  And I thought that this collection would be wonderfully appropriate.
Meet one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever set eyes on.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Hadleigh.

Hadleigh is just 17 days old.  She is a Fawn Pied French Bulldog and the only one in her litter.
Her breeder is a very good friend of mine, we often take puppy photographs, which gives me lots of opportunities to try new backdrops and setups and to work with very young puppies and their Moms.  Her eyes were not fully open when we took these so I swapped out my normal light for a simple constant soft box and a large piece of polar fleece on Nicola’s bed – using a pillow to cradle Hadleigh.   

And I found that gorgeous wee baby comforter which just works as a prop!

For more Relaxing Pet Photography photographs, go and visit Cahlean at Twin Cities & St. Cloud MN-based About A Dog Photography to see what she has created, and then keep visiting the other blogs until you end up back here.

Happy Friday y’all X



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