For 2016, the Pet Photography Project 52 will be working through David Duchemin’s book ‘The Visual Toolbox’.
Our lesson, and theme for this week is ‘Considering Vision’.

“We all make photographs for different reasons.”

We see the world differently and use the camera to express that vision. The photographs we take do not always have to be technically perfect, because it comes down to what we see, what we want others to see…our vision.
“Consider Your Vision” by looking at your favorite photographs you’ve taken to determine what you are trying to express. What are you going for with the images you take? Don’t look to hard or overthink. Look at the common elements in your work as clues. You are looking for your vision or your “style” as we might call it.
For this week, feel free to share some past images expressing your vision and take and least one new image to share that is representative of your vision or style. The goal of this lesson is for you to find your vision and learn to express it with your camera. As Duchemin says “Perfect photographs are overrated. The images that will always captivate others, and mean the most to you, are the ones made in that tension of learning to express your vision.”

My favourite photographs tell a story, they are not just a portrait, but a moment of life documented.  Whether it is a dog and their family, an individual and their cat or a pet by themselves, I try and capture what makes them unique – and loved.  Even with adoption photographs for rescue organisations, I’d like to show the world a bit of personality and a spark to fall in love with.

I deliberately choose to shoot at a wide aperture – to bring the subject out of their surroundings.  To put the spotlight on them.  I always go into a session with a shot list and as I work through these, and the spontaneous ones that present themselves, I’m thinking about how to process these later.  Duchemin refers to this as intent.

I’ve chosen four photographs that demonstrate this relationship and documentary style that I would like to develop even more.


Opie and Kelly – Morrinsville, Waikato


Louis and Jo – Auckland City


Billie and Josh – Kawhia, Waikato


Plum – Studio Session

And in considering my vision; family and stories told with vibrance and luminosity, I quickly photographed this tonight during a visit to one of my best friends new homes.  I’ve been wanting to photograph Miss Pink for a long time and seeing her tonight, so relaxed in her new space, it was perfect.  She bought me her toy (well bunted me and sat between my legs) until I obliged.  Yes lady, let’s play.


Project 52 is a weekly circle project so from here, use the following link to hop over and visit Future Framed Photography, South Dakota to see what they have created, and then keep visiting the other blogs until you end up back here.

Happy Friday y’all X



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