Cutting it so so so fine this week – so fine that I had a ‘just in case’ image prepared .. well just in case!

Ltarasutherland-lakehakanoa-0645ast night we took the hounds on a walk around Lake Hakanoa and scored a beautiful sunset out of it.  There are some stunning places around the Lake and its definitely somewhere that we will visit again.  Hopefully at sunset!  The places where I wanted to take my symmetry image were a little dark, thanks to me deciding to set off later in the afternoon but the Lix’s are always up for an adventure.

So the second idea I had for this weeks photograph became even more important except I had left it really late in the week.
And then little Django Lix decided to get his puppy on … and throw his chicken toy madly in the air, try and play ‘Chase Me’ with me and generally act like he’s a bit of looney.  And he is. And its pretty cute. But not what I wanted when I was counting down the hour until posting time.

Then I discovered that the Barking Shark likes popcorn. Actually like isn’t it – he freaking LOVES IT!

Cue concentration – and the symmetrical face I wanted using my mini studio lighting.
Symmetry in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.

With our little Dj Mako – it’s all about the ears.

tarasutherland-djangolix-0720Studio sessions are available in the New Zealand winter months so if this is something that you like the look of, let me know.  As with on-location sessions, I can come to you, or you can come to me.

Project 52 is a weekly circle project so from here, use the following link to hop over and visit Cynthia Wood (Georgian Bay Studios, Toronto, Ontario) to see what they have created, and then keep visiting the other blogs until you end up back here.

Happy Friday y’all X



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