If you ain’t tough, you ain’t going to make it as a member of Nixie’s toy box.

But every now and again Nixie Lix and I come across a product that makes me go Wow and her go Woof!


On the weekend I popped in to Munky’s Corner, a new pet store that has recently opened in Ponsonby Central, Auckland and I bought her a toy – as you do.  I bought her an Honest Pet Products Eco Quacker.


Normally anything stuffed lasts about 2 mins in our house (I know, she’s a bulldog – what do I expect?!) however these toys are made with safe, durable and natural materials.

Honest Pet Products design their pet toys with three principles in mind; Be True to Pets, Be True to People, Be True to the Planet.
Its these principles that I truly believe in myself and I found myself wanting the toy for Nix – not just because its a duck and she loves ducks.  I encourage you to go and have a look at the Honest Pet Products website and read their About Us .. they live their principles.


tarasutherland-nixielikes-8965So far, the Eco-Quacker is a success!
Nix loves to cuddle it, chew on it, fling it around the room and she especially loves it when I throw it and it makes its chirping noise.  People, we have a winner!  I’m very interested to see how long it lasts however watching her play with it these last couple of days has given me a return on investment already.  I just love seeing her be goofy.

Yes I bought this product myself.



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