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Is your Dog an absolute Superstar?

Commercial clients, new products, new locations, mentoring sessions and workshops – Nixie Lix can’t model for them all!

I am always on the lookout for gorgeous, talented and quirky dogs who would absolutely work it as a superstar model.

If you and your dog are interested in modelling opportunities and would like to be involved, please apply to be considered for my Model Database by completing the form below. Enter each animal individually.

Please note: I am currently only accepting registrations for dogs – of all breeds and size. Dogs must be confident and well socialised with people and have a minimum of sit, stay, down/drop.  I will be in contact once I have reviewed your application.


The Pet Photography Model Database Eligibility Criteria for Owners is; 

  • You consent to your pet being added to the commercial pet model database for commercial clients to browse.
  • No personal details or contact information will be released to clients; this is for the internal use of Tara Sutherland only.
  • You are willing to sign a contract with a copyright agreement, commercial use agreement and model/property release if selected.
  • You understand that acceptance of your pet into the database does not guarantee a photo session.
  • You understand that selection for a photo session does not guarantee compensation of any kind (however I will gift an 8x12 print and a watermarked digital negative)
  • You have the right to accept or decline any photo shoot you may be offered, for any reason.
  • You will be responsible for their own travel to and from photo shoot locations.
  • You are able to handle and direct your pet for the entire shoot.

The Pet Photography Model Database Eligibility Criteria for Pets is; 

  • Your pet is not person or dog aggressive
  • Your pet is friendly and confident – especially in new situations
  • Your pet is not easily distracted and is well trained in basic commands (sit, stay, down/drop)
  • Your pet walks well on lead
  • Your pet is reliable off lead and has a good recall
  • Is easily directed
  • Is alert and interested in treats or toys

If you wish to remove yourself and your pet, please unsubscribe from this list or email me and I will do it immediately.

Pet Photography Model Database Application

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Tara takes great photos but it’s more than just a photo.

One of our core values at WashBar is the Power of Partnership. Partnering with Tara is an absolute pleasure, she has taken the time to understand WashBar, our philosophy, our values and the true value of working collaboratively. Together we have supported charities and events that matter to Tara and WashBar. Working with Tara is easy and feels completely natural.

Twice a year dogs are nominated for a photographic session with Tara that immortalises the bond between them and their owners. She does more than that - she captures the deeply personal and rich stories. Photos from Tara are more than an image they tell a story and we are excited at the stories we’ll share in the future.

Jules Smith


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