The first time I went to the Auckland SPCA Animal Hospital at Mangere, I came home with a 6 week old sick kitten.  He is now a 9 year old grumpy lazy cat called Napoleon Dynamite.  The second time I went to the same animal hospital, I came home with Nixie Lix. I love a good sad story as much as the next person however I love a good happy story even more.  Stories of rescue and adoption see tears well up in my eyes and a huge smile spread across my face.  Animals make houses homes and I believe every home should have an extra four legs (or more!). My time is available to organisations involved in the rescue and care of animals at no charge. Sing out if you need my help or if there is anything that I can do to assist you.  And thank you – for everything you do for the animals x

But wait, there’s more …

From the 1st of May 2015, $15.00 from every Pet Photography Session will be donated to my chosen charity: Chained Dog Awareness in New Zealand.


if you are organising a fundraiser and would like a photographer or photobooth

if you are holding a charity auction and would like a gift voucher

if you are creating publicity, needing adoption photos or want to use an image

then please contact me as I’d love to help.

And still more … The PawTraits Project Sessions

Our pets very quickly wiggle their way into our homes, our lives and our hearts. 
A Pet Photography Session provides a lasting and unique memory of the love we share with those animals but I know, that for some, a Pet Photography Session is a luxury expense that is out of each. 
The PawTraits Project is open to anyone in New Zealand.  You nominate the families, together we raise the travel funds and I make the sessions happen and gift all of the edited digital photographs as well as a ready to frame print.  
The link to nominate is at the bottom of this page.

Our current PawTraits Project Session is going to be in … Wellington (September 2017)

To help us raise a little more for Jett & Paul, you can book a Mini Session with me or simply donate a few dollars.  Every little bit helps!

Mini Sessions: Book Now

PawTraits Project: Donate Now

Read some of the inspirational stories of family, love and rescue.

PawTraits of Jett | Wellington Pet Photography

Jett is only 7. And for the past couple of months, he and his human Paul have been doing their best to fight his disease - lymphoma. After raising some money via my PawTraits Project, I flew down to Wellington and on a chilly, but dry, spring morning - we all met up...

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2017 PawTraits Project

It's just over 3 1/2 years since my PawTraits Project started with a trip to Wellington to photograph Milly & Michelle. Now I'm heading back!!! We are going down to meet Jett & Paul. Jett is a big beautiful black labrador and he is Paul's best mate.  Jett has recently...

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Max and Sonia | Auckland Pet Photography

Every year I set aside part of my budget for Rescue Organisations.  I donate 2-3 Pet Photography Session vouchers for them to use in auctions to raise money for the items that they need to keep the rescue going or to pay for treatment that some of the animals might...

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If you or someone you know has a story of impact, or who has an older or terminally ill animal, please get in touch.

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