TaraTara is an accomplished photographer who specialises in pet, underwater and editorial imagery. She is becoming widely recognised for her distinctive style which comprises three visually intense elements of definition, colour and light. Where possible, Tara prefers to shoot outdoors using natural light and New Zealand’s sublime scenery.

Admirably patient, Tara will ensure your pet is relaxed in the presence of her camera equipment before embarking on a shoot. She encourages pets (and their owners) to bring along favourite toys or special mementoes to be used as props. Whether at home, in a park, or at doggy day care, Tara has an uncanny ability to capture the true essence of your pet’s personality.

As a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Tara is a self-proclaimed “Nudibranch (sea slug) Whisperer”. Tara enjoys taking vibrant underwater photos, particularly in the South Pacific region.

Nixie Lix / photograph by Tall Tails Pet Portraits

Tara’s editorial work has been published online and in print, most recently in the New Zealand Geographic book Southern Exposure, and as an integral part of a fundraising campaign for Hamilton Zoo. Many of her underwater photographs have been used by websites such as Global Dive, Book Your Dive and Scubadvisor.

On the rare occasion when she isn’t looking at the world through a lens, Tara may be found anywhere from buying organic food in a local Farmers Market to pottering around in her garden or occasionally attending tattoo conventions.

Nixie Lix is Tara’s 12 month old American Bulldog.  She features in a lot of Tara’s 365 Project photographs and has her own Facebook page - Nixie Tilda Lix.  It was through Nixie’s adventures at Doggy Day Care, and the friends she made there, that Tara really settled in to life in the Waikato and Pet Photography as a result.