Jett is only 7. And for the past couple of months, he and his human Paul have been doing their best to fight his disease – lymphoma.

After raising some money via my PawTraits Project, I flew down to Wellington and on a chilly, but dry, spring morning – we all met up at Onehunga Beach to race through the water and play on the sand. Paul’s request was really simple … he just wanted some photographs of him and his best mate.

Being a big goofy labrador, playing in the water came easy for Jett. I said to Carol, my lovely assistant, at one stage “you wouldn’t even know he was sick” but then Paul described his good weeks and bad weeks and I realised how much seeing his buddy in this situation was hurting him.

Jett has 19 weeks of treatment to go through and they aren’t even 1/3 of the way. I hope what we captured at the beach is only the first session I will get to do with these two. I haven’t had that much fun in ages!
I got wet, I got sandy and we laughed a lot.
And so I really look forward to a call from Paul telling me Jett is doing well – and that we are off to the beach again.

I want to take a quick moment to thank those who made the trip and the session possible – to Michelle, Robert, Carol, Erin, Paul & Misa – thank you very much for supporting PawTraits.

To see more of Jett and Paul’s session, take a look at their video.





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