2015 Pet Photography Project 52

Pet Photography Project 52: 8 – Black and White

Black and White This weeks theme is a delight for me! My favourite photograph of Nixie Lix, well it was until I made this, is a black and white treatment of her in front of one of our concrete walls waiting for her cupboard to be opened and her frisbee to come out. ...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 7 – Print

Print I think I love this topic!  Although it has to be said that taking a photograph of a printed work of your pet and then trying to get said pet in the photograph is a little harder than you might expect.  As a Photographer who actively encourages people to print...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 6 – Wide Open

Wide Open Wide Open could have meant landscapes, it could have meant apertures.  For us its a whole lot of things. It is the sense of adventure that our two have; lying on their backs on the mat waiting for the other to jump on them and wrestle, it is running around...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 5 – Fitness

Fitness A couple of weeks ago we did a theme of "A Day in the Life" where you would have seen that Nixie and Django love racing around the park in the morning and then sleeping all afternoon.  This combined with bush walks and swimming (thats Nix, not Dj, he won't go...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 4 – Frame It

Frame It. Framing a subject in a photograph is a technique where by you draw attention to it - by blocking other parts of the image. To frame a subject, you can use a person, colour, a natural object, leading lines or light. In adding a 'frame' you need to be careful...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 3 – Day in the Life Of

A Day in the Life Of Our topic this week is excellent - a day in the life of Nixie Lix. Being the middle of summer here in New Zealand, most of the action in our house happens before lunch.  As the sun hits the middle of the sky, we have temperatures of 28-30 degrees...

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Pet Photography Project 52: 2 – January

What January Means To Us ... This is such a great theme for the second week of the Beautiful Beasties Project 52! Whilst the Northern Hemisphere is freezing, I'm sunburned and Nixie Lix and Django are running around super early in the morning before breakfast and then...

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Project 52: 1 – Introductions

And here begins my first post for 2015 - aptly named Intoduction. An introduction is a wonderful way to start both the new year and the Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Project 52. We can start with me briefly, I'm Tara and I live in the Waikato Region on the North...

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